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Retained Recruitment

Benefit from over eight years' experience of tapping into an extensive network of experts across Germany. Our retainer-based recruitment guarantees a comprehensive search process, resulting in permanent placements that add long-term value to your organisation.

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Interim Recruitment

Need immediate talent solutions? Rely on Philipp, owner and expert recruiter, to swiftly fill your staffing gaps. Philipp provides quick, effective interim recruitment services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring continuity and expertise during critical transitions.

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AI Recruitment Consulting

Enhance your hiring with our AI-driven recruitment consulting. Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to streamline the recruitment process and make data-driven decisions.

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Your Benefits From Our Core Strengths 

Tailored Just for You 


At ConsultingKlug, we reject the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we immerse ourselves in your unique culture to create recruitment solutions that are as unique as your own story. When you partner with us, you get an ambassador who represents you authentically in the job market.


Together, We Achieve More


True partnership is at the heart of our approach. At ConsultingKlug, you're much more than a client - you're an integral part of a collaborative process. Together, we'll develop innovative strategies that not only meet your business's potential, but exceed it. Count on us to be your bridge builder and collaborative ally in the marketplace.


Dependable Yet Dynamic


In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, consistency is key - but so is flexibility. At ConsultingKlug, we deliver the reliability you need with the adaptability you want. Our proven methodologies and responsive approach ensure that we keep pace with your evolving needs, helping you navigate change with confidence.

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