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What is Retained Recruitment?

A retainer is a recruitment service where a company pays upfront to secure exclusive recruitment efforts for key positions. This approach guarantees dedicated focus and a thorough search, ensuring the best match for specialist or senior roles. It aligns the recruiter's commitment with the client's objectives, prioritising quality and cultural fit.


Why Choose Retained Recruitment?

Guaranteed Resource Allocation

With retained recruitment, our efforts and resources are dedicated solely to your recruitment needs. Unlike contingency-based recruitment, where efforts may be spread across multiple clients and searches, a retained service ensures that your project receives the full focus and priority it deserves.

Higher Quality of Candidates

Because retained recruitment involves a deeper, more systematic search process, it tends to yield higher quality candidates. We invest significant time in understanding the role and the organisation, which allows us to better target and attract candidates who are not only qualified, but also the best fit for the culture and long-term goals of the organisation.


Enhanced Confidentiality

Executive search is often used for sensitive or high-level positions where discretion is paramount. This method allows for a confidential search, reducing the risk of market speculation and ensuring that potential candidates feel secure throughout the recruitment process.

Strategic Partnership

Retained recruitment creates a partnership where the recruiter acts as an extension of the client's team. This relationship facilitates a deeper understanding of the client's strategic needs, enabling us to provide tailored advice and insight that goes beyond simply placing candidates.

Commitment to Success

Both the client and the recruiter have skin in the game, resulting in a committed partnership focused on the best outcome. This contrasts with contingency-based recruitment, where the recruiter's commitment can wane if a quick placement proves difficult.

Predictable Costs

In retained recruitment, the fee structure is clear from the outset, which helps with budgeting and financial planning. In contingency recruitment, costs can vary more widely depending on the salary of the candidate and the number of hires made.

When you choose retained recruitment with ConsultingKlug, you're not just filling an immediate vacancy; you're investing in a comprehensive recruitment strategy that will pay dividends in terms of candidate quality, cultural fit and long-term organisational alignment.

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