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Why Choose Philipp for Interim Recruitment?

Expertise and Experience

With over eight years' experience and an extensive network of professionals across Germany, Philipp brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in a variety of industries. His expertise ensures that only the most suitable candidates are presented, in line with

Rapid Deployment

Philipp is able to quickly understand the nuances of your business and can quickly integrate into your team to start delivering results without the usual ramp-up time required for new hires.

Strategic Flexibility

Whether it's filling a gap during a transition period, managing a critical project or covering for an absence, Philipp provides the agility your business needs to maintain continuity and drive success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

You gain access to high quality recruitment services without the overheads associated with permanent employment by engaging Philipp as your interim recruiter. This arrangement allows for more controlled budgeting and efficient resource allocation.

Reduced Hiring Risks

Using an experienced interim recruiter like Philipp minimises the risks associated with recruitment by ensuring a high level of fit and quality of the interim professionals placed within your team.

Seamless Integration

Philipp ensures a smooth transition when joining your team and provides ongoing support to both the candidates and your organisation to maximise their impact from day one.

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